CCP Goes After Church Venues in Disrepair

Perfectly functional, or barely functional, the Chinese government will go after any religious meeting site.

Chinese State Will Photograph You in Your Own Home

“Operation Knocking on Doors” sends officers to photograph believers under false pretexts, part of a broader surveillance system to track religious everywhere.

Independent Students Slam China-Backed Intimidation on Overseas Campuses

An independent group of overseas Chinese students has hit out at Communist Party-backed student groups on overseas campuses, following reports that they threatened and harassed Uyghur and Tibetan activists campaigning against Beijing’s human rights violations.

UN agencies call for action to bolster rights of Europe’s stateless children

United Nations agencies are calling on States and regional organizations across Europe to take urgent action to ensure that thousands of currently stateless children are given the support and protection they deserve.

150 Pastors Arrested at Year-End Gathering

Police monitored China Gospel Fellowship and swooped in when all pastors were in one place. One had a heart attack, and all were forced to sign “repentance.”