Bitter Winter’s Tiananmen Movie Premieres in Budapest

Scholars from eight countries hail Tiananmen and Religious Persecution in China as a valuable tool for both classrooms and human rights events.

Spies in Churches, Anti-Religious Patrols on Streets

On top of ubiquitous surveillance systems, believers in China must also be vigilant of government-assigned personnel who watch over them 24/7.

Even Travelers Investigated for Religious Infiltration

Municipal governments are intensifying measures against foreigners and anyone with ties abroad suspected of using Christianity to “subvert the regime.”

Bitter Winter’s Marco Respinti Receives Media Award at the Turin Book Fair

Our director-in-charge is honored for his contribution to religious liberty, as part of a day of events devoted to denouncing persecution and advancing religious freedom.

Henan Expands Control Over Christian Churches

A recently issued document calls for the closure, repurposing, and strict supervision of religious venues, exerting personal responsibility on officials in charge.