New Round of Crackdown Against The Church of Almighty God

Confidential documents from provincial governments disclose the escalating brutal suppression, aided with propaganda and resulting in arrests of believers.

“They Killed My Mother, They Arrested My Father”: Sister Zou Demei’s Father’s Day Reflections

The former leader of The Church of Almighty God in four Chinese provinces is free in the United States, but her mother has been killed and she cannot contact her elderly father in China.

Church of Almighty God’s Sister Zou Demei Is Free

Supported by a campaign by Bitter Winter and several NGOs, the former leader of the CAG in four Chinese provinces, who escaped to the US with a false passport, has finally left jail.

Smart Locks in Rental Properties Also Monitor Believers

Promoted as a tool to “maintaining stability,” the locks that use facial recognition, phones, or IDs, is a new addition to the system of complete surveillance.

New Stability Maintenance Target: LED Lightboxes

To prevent any anti-government content from appearing publicly, the CCP is taking measures to control the content of computer-controlled displays.