Chinese Government Upping the Seizure of Churches’ Assets

Not only is the CCP embezzling money from churches, it’s also forcing their leaders to fill out certificates falsely claiming the goods were voluntarily given.

Places of Worship Converted into Chinese-Style Houses

Any building that doesn’t look authentically Chinese is quickly becoming so, thanks to the ongoing “sinicization” campaign.

Government Isolating Elderly From Communities

By tightening surveillance on Christians, old folks in villages are kept from churches, which serve as their fellowship.

Followers of Christ Forced to Follow the Party

Registration of Three-Self Church believers moves naturally to controlling what Christians read and hear in sermons, transforming churches into stealth Party branches.

Christians Get Jail Time for Having, Photocopying Bibles

The Bible is recognized as one of the books with the most significant impact on the world. In China, that impact means a run-in with authorities.