The War on Buddhism Continues to Escalate

The Chinese authorities’ crackdown on Buddhist venues and symbols is intensifying, even protected historical and cultural sites are not spared.

There’s Life in the EU, and Hope for the Persecuted in China

Brussels’ hemicycle passed an urgent resolution on human rights and religious freedom in the land of the Red Dragon. We applaud it while noting a few faults.

Statues of Martyred Catholic Saints Removed by Authorities in Hebei

The faith of Chinese Catholics is grounded in the martyrdom of 120 saints who gave their life for Christ and the Church. Now, CCP is systematically removing their statues from the churches.

Government Officials Punished for Religious Belief

More accounts about dismissed or demoted Communist Party members, demanded to sever any links with religion, under intensifying pressure from central authorities.

More Businesses Fall Victim to “Anti-Halal” Campaign

Islam-related symbols continue to be removed or covered up in the provinces of China with sizeable Hui Muslim populations.