Sichuan Church Elder Li Yingqiang Released on Bail

Sichuan Church Elder Li Yingqiang Released on Bail

Li Sent Back to Hometown After Eight Months Imprisonment 08/19/2019 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that over the weekend, elder Li Yingqiang from Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) in Sichuan was released on bail and sent back to his hometown in Hubei province. Li has lost some weight but […]

Police officers are collecting blood samples from village residents

Abusing People’s Rights, CCP Collects DNA for Tighter Control

A nationwide campaign to forcibly collect people’s biometric data is in full swing across China, often misleadingly presented as a means “to fight crime.” by Wang Yong Bitter Winter has previously reported that the government in China’s northwestern region of Xinjiang is collecting a full range of biometric information from all residents between the ages of 12 and 65 for […]

A slogan appeals to stop harvesting organs

Organs on Demand: China’s Illegal Transplant Industry Flourishes

Despite international condemnation, organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in China has never stopped. One can get a kidney of choice in just two weeks by Li Mingxuan In an interview with Bitter Winter, Dr. Huige Li, an expert on the plague of forced transplants of human organs in China, pointed out that in the […]

Hong Kong Protests: The Catholic Factor

The Hong Kong Catholic Church’s past, present, and future—and decisions to be taken by the Vatican—weigh heavily on the fate of the protest. by Massimo Introvigne The Hong Kong protests are continuing. Some believe they may become the new Tiananmen. Human rights activist speculate on how the U.S., and President Donald Trump’s, attitude may determine the fate of the protest, […]

The people in a locality in Xinjiang are organized to hold a flag raising ceremony(Online image)

Guilt by Association: Re-Educating Church of Almighty God Believers’ Families in Xinjiang

Relatives of The Church of Almighty God members who are sent to internment camps are surveilled by the state and forced to undergo “political conversion.”