TODAY IN SEOUL, KOREA: Press Conference by Chinese Christians Who Fled From Persecution

Press Conference on July 22 of 2019 Given by The Church of Almighty God, a Religious Group Persecuted in China

Confidential Documents Expose CCP’s Plans to Persecute The Church of Almighty God Abroad

CCP collects information on CAG members who fled China, uses agents and online propaganda to harass them. Anyone opposing the persecution deemed hostile to China.

More Restrictions in Xinjiang: Visiting Friends and Family Strictly Controlled

Even a visit to a family member or a trip outside the region required to be registered with government officials. Those overstaying could be punished.

“I Refused to Go to Seoul”: One Relative Exposes the CCP’s Plot

On July 22, coerced or manipulated relatives of The Church of Almighty God refugees will stage false “spontaneous demonstrations” in Korea. But some relatives refused to go.

Story of O: Korea #1 Bigot Harasses Refugees (and Many Others)—Again

On July 22, new false demonstrations against refugees from The Church of Almighty God start in Korea. The bigot promoting them is spreading hate against all minorities.