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09 / 01 / 2020


The Communion of God’s Words During Assembly

1. You must commune your true experiences and knowledge of the truths of God’s words, making people understand the truth, be edified, and have a path to practice.

2. In communing the truths of God’s words, you must draw upon your knowledge of yourself, and must commune the principles and ways of putting the truth into practice. You may not speak empty talk of letters and doctrines.

3. You must allow those who have the work of the Holy Spirit and real experiences to spend more time communing, so that people understand the truth and know God’s word.

4. Assemblies should lay bare and dissect all manner of serious problems. All that is basically in line with the facts and of benefit to people’s salvation must be accepted and obeyed.

from “ Practice and Exercises for Principled Behavior 18. Principles for the Communion of God’s Words During Assembly”

When you bear witness to God, you should mainly talk more about how God judges and chastises people, what trials He uses to refine humans and change humans’ disposition, how much you have endured, how much rebellion and corruption within you has been revealed, and in what ways you have resisted God. Then you can talk about how you were eventually conquered by God and how you should repay God. Put substance into this kind of language, put it in a simple way, and don’t talk about empty theories. Speak of substance, speak from the heart, that’s enough for you to experience. Don’t prepare empty theories with great apparent depth as embellishment. This would seem too arrogant and senseless. Speak more of truths from practical experiences in reality, of the words from your heart. Those are what benefit people the most and are most appropriate for people to be exposed to. You used to be the worst opponents of God, the most disobedient to God, but today you’ve been conquered, never forget that. Matters of this nature require diligent reflection. Think long on these things, lest you commit more shameless and senseless acts.

from “The Basic Sense Which Man Ought to Possess” in Records of Christ’s Talks With Leaders and Workers of the Church

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