O God, You Know I'm Missing You

05 / 01 / 2020

The Hymn of Life Experience
O God, You Know I’m Missing You
My heart’s
deeply attached to You.
But I feel unworthy
of Your love.
Too humble to be
in the presence of You,
how worried
and uneasy I am!
I can only
make up my mind;
offer my whole being
to You.
I will suffer for You,
suffer all hardships,
till the last breath
of my life.
God! You know that
I am waiting,
waiting for You
to come back.
God, please don’t forget
about me.
I can’t live without You!
I know I don’t deserve
to see You,
but I’ll never lose
my hope.
I am full of faith.
I never lose my faith,
loving You in my heart.
I will do
anything for You.
I won’t care
too much for my life.
I have strong faith;
I believe You’ll
come back.
I believe
You will come back.
Dear God!
Please wait for me,
wait for me
to give You my love.
I believe
that You are loving me.
I can’t live without You!
Though I
have weakness in flesh.
Pains and sorrows
always with me.
God, please trust me,
please put trust in me
that I’ve never
forgotten about You.
I hate my flesh so much.
I loathe Satan
even more.
How I wish I could
get free from sin!
How I wish
to be free from sin!
If I can’t
satisfy Your will,
I won’t have
peace after death.
Only when I see,
when I see Your smile,
will I feel
a bit comforted.
I am with determination,
and I am with
strong will.
I won’t be passive;
I am loving You,
loving You
with my true heart.
those many hardships,
thinking no more
of blocks ahead,
I will keep going,
I will try my best,
try my best
to satisfy You.
When can I
live out Your image,
pure and lively,
a whole new one?
Holy spiritual body
giving to You,
I will never
ever leave You!
Holy spiritual body
giving to You,
I will never
ever leave You!
from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs