How Joyous the Belief in God

13 / 01 / 2023

The Hymn of Life Experience

Look, some young brothers and sisters are dancing with joy to thank God for His salvation, and also tell the world that those who believe in and follow God are radiant because they pursue the truth and practice God’s Word. How free and happy they are to live! They are a new generation loved and blessed by God!
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Intro: We were once a depraved, decadent generation; we once gave parents headaches, left teachers annoyed. Now with faith, we’re on the true path with God. We shine bright for we seek truth and we practice God’s words. We young ones are the new generation. We’re loved and blessed by God, we are so joyous.

Verse 1: We no longer chase the latest trends or the glamor the nightclubs offer, no longer strive for vainglory or compete over flesh’s pleasures. We’re not troubled by money, hooked to games, don’t chase silly romance or live in lust. We do not seek false knowledge, willful no more. We’ve heard God’s voice, returned before Almighty God. The truth of God’s words has cleared our minds, we know what’s lovely, ugly, good and corrupt. His words cleanse us, keep us from evil. Taking His truth, we’re on the right path.

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