Enjoy the Rain and Thanks Be to God

11 / 06 / 2018

By Yiwen, Italy

Listen! Where does the wonderful sound come from? I open the window and look out quietly, and I find it is lightly raining outside. It brings the charming music as the drizzling rain plays in a pulsating rhythm: drip drip drip … as if it is babbling to me, which brings me the feeling of warmth and makes me happy. I don’t know when I began to care for the beautiful sound of rain. While I am listening, the past things gradually arise in my heart; I can’t help recalling my childhood, my beautiful days at school, and everything in my life with laughter and joy.

I remember that on a rainy day, I was awakened by the pattering rain. I lay in bed, enjoying the different music played on a loop, until my mother urged me to have breakfast. In the early morning, the air was quite fresh, and in large measure it was certainly attributed to the rain. The dusty land of yesterday was cleaned by the rain, and everywhere took on an entirely new look. My schoolmates, carrying their beloved schoolbags, walked to school with swinging steps, and meanwhile, an unknown feeling of excitement and joy welled up in my heart. During the class, the rain hadn’t stopped, simply accompanying us with pleasant music, and we also studied quietly in the sound of the rain. As the bell rang, my classmates, like happy birds, flew out of the classroom, letting out a mirthful laughter and we enjoyed ourselves playing the water fight. It was the rain that brought us happiness.

When I came back home from school, my grandparents had already made the meal and were waiting for me. Soon afterward, my mother reached home, earlier than before, for it rained and there wasn’t much work to do, and because of the rain, my grandparents stayed at home and didn’t work in the fields. We chatted together with laughter filling the room, which was a heartwarming scene. My grandfather said, “Rain is crucial for our survival. Without it, we would have nothing to eat.” Hearing this, I said at the drop of a hat, “Grandpa, why do you say so?” He looked up at the rain outside and said, “‘Humans may sow the seed, but the harvest depends on Heaven.’ Without the rain from Heaven, crops would die of drought, which naturally would cause no harvest. If so, would there be anything to eat?” I looked out at the rain and pondered my grandfather’s words, thinking: It turns out that the rain is so beneficial, if not for the existence of rain, we really couldn’t survive. It does nurture us! In that case, where does it come from? While thinking, I ran outside and stretched out my hands to heartily feel the raindrops. Quietly watching these clear and transparent raindrops and enjoying the beautiful sound of the rain, I was reluctant to return to the living room until my grandfather called me several times. Seeing that my grandfather kept joyfully looking at the rain outside, I also smiled.


Before long, it stopped raining. My grandfather said he would go to the vegetable garden, and I went with him. After our arrival, besides the scent of the soil, I also smelled the rich fragrance of vegetables from the air after the rain. The garden was brimming with life. A little while ago, it seemed that, when hearing the wonderful sound of the rain, these green vegetables raised their heads to touch raindrops and happily drew nutrients from the rainwater and the soil to make their leaves greener and stronger. At that time, the vegetables each grew vigorous and energetic, with several drops of crystal dew on their leaves. Under the nourishment of rain and dew, they grew happily. I couldn’t wait to see my favorite vegetable—cucumbers. Wow! Several days before they were small, but now very large. And they were perfect delights to the eye with their green leaves, yellow flowers and shining bodies, which looked like they wore new clothes. Every time after rain, vegetables planted in the garden grew very fast, which always led to good harvests. As it is said: “Rain in spring is as precious as oil.” Seeing my grandfather’s gratified smile, I couldn’t restrain from smiling.

Time always passed very quickly. I took out my dairy book and recalled every beautiful moment that rain brought, just wanting to jot it down. The beauty of the rain in all four seasons, each has its own characteristic.

The spring rain, like light music, falls slightly from the sky. Unbeknownst to people, it comes quietly and gently, awakening sleeping people and the sleeping world. Because of the arrival of the spring rain, the earth is moistened and all things begin to revive. This scene full of vitality makes a green landscape. What a beautiful scene with the feeling of spring filling the air!

The summer rain, like rock music, pelts down without warning, leaving us unprepared. However, it is still very popular with people, for it brings coolness and comfort and drives away summer’s sultriness and people’s irritation. At the same time, it moistens dry crops and provides enough water for plants in the hot summer to bear full grains. It actually knows people’s needs so well, as if coming with a mission.

The fall rain, like a melodious lullaby, is lingering and pleasant with rustlings. It likes coming and going quietly with the feelings of sadness, which causes people to be lost in deep thought. However, it seems as if people also have another special feeling about the fall rain, for it can ripen crops and bring rich harvests to the earth. It always saves the best things for last and gives them to people, and its gentleness is always unforgettable.

The winter rain, like a surging symphony, drips constantly and its sound is extremely melodious. Sometimes it rains heavily, while other times it rains slightly. During this time, people, having worked for a year, can have a good rest. Every family has more time to chat heart to heart, and the home is full of warmth and happiness. Thanks to the winter rain’s coming, people can have such happy moments.

The music of the rain in the four seasons is so melodious and regular. It is charming, and is beneficial to people and all things. I couldn’t help thinking: Who gives such wonderful music to mankind? Who allows rain to bring all things provisions? Who exactly rules over all things? I didn’t know the answers. Until one day, I saw in God’s word, “When spring arrives, drizzling rain brings that feeling of spring and moistens the earth. The ground begins to thaw, grass germinates and pushes its way up through the soil and the trees gradually turn green. All these living things bring fresh vitality to the earth. This is the sight of all beings coming into existence and thriving. All sorts of animals also come out of their burrows to feel the warmth of spring and start a new year. All beings bask in the heat during the summer and enjoy the warmth brought by the season. They grow rapidly; trees, grass, and all types of plants are growing very quickly, then they bloom and bear fruit. All beings are very busy during the summer, including humans. In the fall, rains bring autumn’s coolness, and all types of living beings start to experience the harvest season. All beings bear fruit, and humans also begin to harvest all kinds of things because of the fall production of these beings, in order to prepare food for the winter. In the winter all beings gradually begin to rest in the coldness, to become quiet, and people also take a break during this season. These transitions from spring to summer to fall and to winter—these changes all occur according to the laws established by God. He leads all beings and humans using these laws and has established for mankind a rich and colorful way of life, preparing an environment for survival that has different temperatures and different seasons. Under these orderly environments for survival, humans can also survive and multiply in an orderly way.

From God’s words,I know that it is God who has always governed and controlled everything. Not only does He rule over all creatures, but He commands wind, frost, snow and rain. His wondrous deeds and wisdom are everywhere: Throughout the four seasons of the year, the sowing of spring, ripening of summer, fall’s harvest and winter’s storage are all ordained by God, and they show forth the authority and power of the Creator through different forms. Until today, nobody can change this rule. Every rain will perform its mission given by God, nourishing all things and benefiting mankind.

The wonderful sound of rain is so attractive, which made me know that rain is the most outstanding musician. And it is the Creator, the Ruler of the universe, that bestows rain with such natural gifts. Like all things, we thrive in the rain of the four seasons, enjoying everything that God has prepared for mankind. I’ve seen all things that God does are for mankind. He supplies us by means of all things, and allows us to live in such a beautiful environment and enjoy His sincere love for us mankind. Thank the Creator!


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