Torture of Christians: CCP Is Repeating Ancient Rome's Fatal Mistakes

01 / 04 / 2020


In 2019, under Xi Jinping’s totalitarian rule, the CCP’s persecution of religion continued to escalate. The situation for those of faith rapidly deteriorated; members of religious groups such as Christians, Catholics, Muslims, and Buddhists were all severely suppressed. In Xinjiang, more than three million Muslims continued to be held indefinitely in concentration camps; in Tibet, thousands of monks and nuns were detained and subjected to abuse and torture. Nationwide, many Buddhist and Taoist temples were banned and closed down, and religious statues were torn down or even burned; countless house churches, Three-Self churches, and Catholic churches all across the country were forced to close through violent means. Of all the religious groups oppressed and persecuted by the CCP, The Church of Almighty God (CAG) suffered the most severe persecution: In 2019, at least 26,683 CAG Christians were subjected to surveillance and harassment; 6,132 were arrested; 3,824 underwent various types of torture or forced indoctrination; 1,355 were sentenced; and 19 were persecuted to death.

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