The Long Arm of the Dragon: A New Movie by Bitter Winter

15 / 07 / 2019

The movie on how the CCP operates abroad, directly or through fellow travelers, to intimidate refugees and prevent them from obtaining asylum, is now available online.

The movie’s premiere in Seoul.

by Massimo Introvigne

We are pleased to announce that the movie The Long Arm of the Dragon: Chinese Persecution of Refugees Fleeing Religious Persecution is now available on our Web sites in the original English version and with subtitles in the other seven Bitter Winter languages.

The movie premiered on June 20 in Seoul, South Korea, during a conference co-organized by Bitter Winter with the same title of the movie, The Long Arm of the Dragon.

The movie shows how religious persecution in China generate refugees, and how the CCP extends its long arm abroad, trying to prevent religion-based refugees from obtaining asylum and persecuting them with various forms of harassment and violence. In some cases mentioned in the movie, refugees may actually have been assassinated.

The movie also denounces the activities of the “fellow travelers” of the CCP, at the times of the Soviet Union often designated, less charitably, as “useful idiots,” who cooperate with Chinese intelligence and security services to persecute refugees under various pretexts. The activities of Ms O Myung-ok and of her Korean anti-cult and pro-CCP organization are depicted in the movie as an egregious example of these fellow travelers’ activities, in fact an extreme case where in a democratic country pro-Chinese fifth columns publicly demonstrate in the street asking that harmless refugees should be sent back to China, where they will be arrested, detained, and tortured, as several cases of deported asylum seekers unfortunately confirm.

Bitter Winter hopes that the movie will be a wake-up call for the conscience of men and women of integrity throughout the world. May they hear the simple message of The Long Arm of the Dragon: please support the refugees escaping religious persecution. They need your help, now.


Source:BITTER WINTER/Massimo Introvigne

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