Ms. O and CCP’s Seoul Demonstrations End in Disgrace—As Usual

25 / 07 / 2019

A “family search party” was brought to Seoul to stage false demonstrations where relatives asked Church of Almighty God refugees to “come home” to China, i.e. to jail. This time, local media clearly understood that it was Ms. O who prevented the relatives from peacefully meeting their loved ones.

by Massimo Introvigne

Business as Usual for Ms. O

The false demonstrations orchestrated by the notorious Korean bigot and pr0-CCP activist, Ms. O Myung-ok, enacting a script of the CCP State Security, continued in Seoul on July 23 and 24, and ended in disgrace as usual.Ms. O, as our readers would remember, brought to Korea a “family search party” including relatives of refugees from The Church of Almighty God (CAG). They congregated in various places and were led to shout that the refugees should “come home” to China, where their home would be, quite obviously, a jail.

CAG members holding signboards at the entrance to the Onsu CAG premises, protesting against the CCP for using their family members to stage false demonstrations.

It was not the first time (and perhaps not the last) Ms. O did it, and not the first time it ended up in disgrace either. Local media were there, and understood that the refugees were very happy to meet their relatives and calmly explain to them that they didn’t want to be taken to China and jailed there. It was Ms. O who tried her worst to prevent this quiet family reunions to take place. Clearly, she couldn’t care less about the families. She only wanted to create trouble and have the refugees deported back to China, families or no families. Ms. O was no friend of the relatives. She cynically manipulated them in furtherance of the CCP’s dark aims.

On July 23, seven refugees finally met their family members at the Onsu Police Station. They reported to Bitter Winter that their relatives behaved strangely. They were ready to discuss family news but dogged questions about why exactly they had joined Ms. O’s party, and looked nervously at their phones where they kept receiving messages.

On July 24 10 am, led by Ms.O , about a dozen family members of CAG refugees, together with another dozen or so elderly female strangers, staged another sideshow in front of the CAG premises in Onsu, Seoul, using loudspeakers whose volume at times peaked over 90db.

A local reporter who talked to Bitter Winter saw many banners and slogans hanging in front of the entrance to the Onsu CAG premises, one of which was a letter jointly signed by 13 NGOs that denounced the CCP for coercing and inducing the China-based relatives to stage false demonstrations in South Korea. Dozens of CAG members were holding signboards at the entrance and protesting in silence, denouncing the CCP for using their family members to harass CAG refugees in South Korea.

Banners hanging in front of the entrance to CAG premises

Across the street, Ms.O and its false-demonstration group also put up some banners. Some family members, coerced or deceived by the CCP, were howling and shouting with loud-speakers. They smeared The Church of Almighty God and slandered the CAG asylum seekers by saying that they were false refugees. The loudspeakers volume was now at 92db, which is a far cry from the 57db allowed by Korean law. Again, hired professional demonstrators were there, a trademark feature of Ms. O’s demonstrations.

Refugees strike back with slogans against Ms O

Ms. O Prevents a Refugeefrom Meeting His Father

After 11 am, a CAG memberwith his wife couldn’t bear any longer to see his elderly father demonstrating outside and invited him to enter the church, so that they can have a good family talk. However, Ms. O and others tried to stand in the way and caused the old father, who longed to meet his son, to fly into a rage, as he demanded to see his son and was prevented to do so by his alleged “friends.” Later, the police brought both father and son to the police station for a reunion.

A father wanted to meet his son but O tried to stop him.

The CAG member told the reporter that he had contacted his father before his trip to South Korea and expressed his hope to meet him directly upon arrival, but the father did, or was compelled to do, otherwise and joined the false demonstrations first.

“O Myung-ok claimed to ‘help’ the family members to meet their loved ones, but she tried to stop my father from meeting me when he was right in front of me. Her promise of help is a sheer lie! She is not helping, but obstructing! This was witnessed by everyone on the scene,” the man said in indignation.

His wife also confirmed the story. “The entrance of The Church of Almighty God is wide-open and bona fide visitors can come and go as they wish.O Myung-ok works hand-in-hand with the CCP and controls our family members, yet they slandered that we were controlled. Isn’t this just like a thief crying ‘Stop thief’! Isn’t it confounding black and white?!”, the couple said.

Ms. OIs Against the Family

On July 21st, a CAG member went with his wife to pick up his father-in-law and brother-in-law when they arrived at the airport. Despite the couple’s efforts to invite them back home for a family reunion, they insisted on going with Ms. O.

A CAG brother and his wife went to pick up their family members in the airport.

During the false demonstrations this morning, seeing that his father-in-law and brother-in-law were exhausting themselves when demonstrating, the CAG member invited them to enter and take a rest in the church, but was met with refusal, with his brother-in-law who kept rebuking the couple for “abandoning the family.”

He explained to them, “Who made me leave home? It is known to all the CCP government persecutes religion and does not allow to practice our faith in God. Don’t you know that the CCP is hunting for me? I will end up in prison if I return to China. Do you want me to go to prison? Our family, the three of us are now enjoying freedom of belief in South Korea. My son is about to come back from school soon and he can meet his uncle and grandfather. I hope all of us can have a good family chat.”

Ms. O emerged in front of the local media as the one who is really “against the family.” I personally like the comment that Uyghur secular human right activist Nurgul Sawut, mistaken by Ms. O for a “radical Muslim,” posted on Facebook about Korea’s bigot-in-chief: “My career advice to her, do something else.” Perhaps the CCP is considering giving Ms. O a similar advise. Wasting CCP money for one fiasco after another shouldn’t sit well with the Beijing bosses of whoever organized these merry trips to Korea.


Source:BITTER WINTER/Massimo Introvigne

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