Chinese Christians Harassed for Purchasing Christian Books Online

07 / 11 / 2019

11/06/2019 China (International Christian Concern) – For Chinese Christians who are purchasing Christian books through WeChat (instant messaging App) online shop, now they are facing risks of being invited to “tea session” (investigation) with local authorities.

Father Francis Liu from Chinese Christian Fellowship of Righteousness told ICC, several Chinese Christians have reached out to him and informed him of the increasing pressure they are facing now after they made online purchase of Christian books.

The online “Wheat Bookstore” sells Christian publications and is well known among Christians in China. A customer was recently visited by local state security officials thanks to the purchase he made last year. He was asked to provide his cell phone number and WeChat account, and had to sign document to confirm his religious affiliation. His supervisor was asked to sign as well.

Wheat Bookstore sent out notice to its customers to warn them of potential visits from the police and give suggestions on how they should respond after consulting with a lawyer.

A Christian who also was summoned by the police due to previous purchase alleges that the police is trying to collect evidence to accuse Wheat Bookstore, and to deter Christian bookstores in China from selling books, with the aim of creating a “spiritual famine” in China.

Christians who bought from this bookstore are advised to delete their order record and hide the books from the authorities if they are asked to show their purchase.

Source: ICC

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