In Hong Kong, the Spirit of Tiananmen Lives On

07 / 06 / 2020
Candlelight Vigil for June 4 Massacre 2020
Candlelight Vigil for June 4 Massacre 2020 (Supplied by 翠鳥 )

Challenging the CCP’s prohibition, a massive democratic crowd gathered in Victoria Park on June 4. Bitter Winter publishes exclusive images of what happened.

by Marco Respinti

Safety measures against the coronavirus infection were the CCP’s excuse to prevent a rally in Hong Kong in memory of an horrible massacre of innocent students. The prohibition was flippantly ignored by Hong Kong’s fearless citizens, proving that China is not invincible.

This is what happened in Hong Kong on June 4, the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre ordered by the CCP, which took 10,000 lives. The demonstration exposed the violence, the lies, and the weakness of the Chinese regime.

Sometimes, violence is not enough to stop a free people. This is the enduring lesson of Tiananmen. The 1989 protest calling for reform and democracy was defeated. Yet, the spirit of those days has not been crushed under the tanks of the People’s Liberation Army. On the contrary, that spirit survived and even grew. During the following decades, it produced a significant, if clandestine, religious awakening, even within CCP members, and a renovated call for truth and justice among all kinds of citizens. Old religious groups were revived from the inside, new spiritual movements sprang out, new democratic forces managed to emerge. The democratic resistance in Hong Kong is one of the foremost examples of this new China, risen from the Tiananmen ashes to foster and rekindle the spirit of 1989.

Mr. Edward C.K. Chin is an hedge fund manager and the main organizer of “2047 Hong Kong Monitor,” a group of professionals who work in the Hong Kong financial industry, the legal profession, and the universities. He was in the middle of the huge crowd that, on June 4, challenged the repressive power of the pro-CCP Hong Kong government, gathering at Victoria Park as it used to do every year in the past—although this year it was forbidden by the authorities. He sent to Bitter Winter the amazing and moving pictures that readers can see in this page, with an accompanying message: “We cannot forget Tiananmen June 4, 1989. Be not afraid. The candlelight vigil at Victoria Park Hong Kong will continue, in some shape or form, despite the evil National Security Law that the CCP try to superimpose on Hong Kong people.”

Mr. Chin’s brief, heartfelt message contains the real key to what happened and is happening there. June 4, 2020 is a point of no return for neo-post-Communist China. It has been challenged openly by its own citizens in front of the world. So, what is the CCP going to do now? Another Tiananmen, God forbids? And what is the world going to do in face of such a brave challenge to the regime, perhaps more important than more or less rigged “democratic” elections?

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