Joshua Wong

Hong Kong: Prominent Activist Barred from Elections

Unlawful Political Screening Used to Disqualify Joshua Wong (New York) – The Hong Kong Electoral Affairs Commission (EAC) should immediately reverse its decision to disqualify the candidacy of Joshua Wong, a prominent pro-democracy activist, for upcoming district council elections, Human Rights Watch said today. On October 29, 2019, the EAC notified Wong that his candidacy for the […]

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Formally Withdraws Extradition Bill

10/23/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – On October 23, Hong Kong’s legislature formally withdrew the extradition bill that led the autonomous region into a four month period of unrest. The Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation Bill 2019, commonly known as the extradition bill, first came about after a young man from Hong […]

Vice President Michael Pence

VP Pence Takes Aim at Nike, NBA in China Speech

WHITE HOUSE – In a hard-hitting speech on China, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence also criticized American companies for selling out this country’s values to protect their market access in the world’s most populous country. “Far too many American multinational corporations have kowtowed to the lure of China’s money and markets by muzzling not only […]