People line up at a checkpoint controlling access to Barkor Square in front of the Jokhang temple in center city Lhasa. Screen shot from video of WeChat account, accessed August 27, 2019. Copy of video on file.

China: Ban on Tibet Religious Activity Toughened

Scrap Limits on Former Officials’ Freedom of Religion (New York) – A Chinese Communist Party notice banning retired Tibetan government employees from taking part in religious activities violates China’s commitment to religious freedom, Human Rights Watch said today. The notice obtained by Human Rights Watch is undated but appears to have been issued in early August 2019. The notice […]

Villagers spontaneously organized a protest to stop the government from digging up graves and snatching corpses.

Burial Reform: Exhumed Bodies and Forced Cremations

The ruling to impose cremations in Jiangxi Province sparked protests, which the state quickly crushed. Some elderly chose suicides to be buried ahead of reform. by Wang Yong Burial of the dead is an ancient tradition in China, where graves are considered to be earthly residences for the souls of the deceased who go on […]